Dental Photography Shopping

For the Best Clinical Dental Photography we have designed our own products which you can purchase exclusively via Dental Photography Shopping. The range of products includes Contrastors, Mirrors, Grey Cards, Cheek Retractors and instruction manuals/tutorials & eBooks.

Dental Photography Shopping opens up a new avenue for better intraoral accessories which are specially designed for all your day to day dental documentations.

Our most priced possession is THE MAGIC BOX a 1 stop solution for all your dental photography needs. It has everything a dentist could possibly dream of having for the best dental photography needs.

It Includes the following products:

  1. 4 Contrastors (Made in stainless steel)
  2. 4 Mirrors (Made in stainless steel)
  3. 4 Cheek Retractors (Transparent & Autoclavable) (Can Also be purchased separately for Rs 1000/-)
  4. 1 Grey Card for accurate shade selection  (Credit Card size – NON Autoclavable)  (Can Also be purchased separately for Rs 3500/-)
  5. 1 Black Card
  6. 1 White Card
  7. Instruction Manuals to use and clean all the equipment
All the intraoral accessories can be sterilized by autoclaving



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Product MRP=11000.00 Rs